Tuesday, September 25, 2007

YouTube Fix for unlocked iphones (cannot connect to youtube)

Step 1

Download this zip, and unzip it somewhere.

Step 2

Get your activated iPhone ready, and connect to it via SCP or SFTP or whatever you have that lets you access the file system.

Tip: iNdependence is a wonderful program for the Mac that can install SFTP in one click. I recommend this, and Transmit to connect to the SFTP on the iPhone (remember, user “root”, password “dottie”.)

Step 3

Navigate to /var/root/Library/Lockdown on the phone, and upload those three files you unzipped. Overwrite the stuff on the phone.

Tip: Paranoiacs always back up.

Step 4

Navigate to /var/root/Library/Lockdown/activation_records. See that long numbered plist file that looks like “88921140141031443517.plist” or something? The name varies, but you’ll see it. Open it up in your favourite text editor.

Step 5

Find this bit.

Illustration of the bit you need to select

Select what I have selected there.. the bit under DeviceCertificate.

Step 6

Replace that bit with the following:



Save the file back onto the phone. Just make that modification to the phone’s file, upload it to the phone.

Step 7

Reboot the iPhone — you’re done, and can watch Chocolate Rain ten times a day.

props to SuitCase, 3rd of September, 2007.


philip said...

Many thanks. After trying everything else to no avail this worked a treat.

Mike said...

you are the man i just did it after i hacked the phone with 1.1.4 and youtube works freat thanx alot for this...

Guillermo said...

Great!, Thx!, works perfect!

warodogg369 said...

dude ur a GOD many thanks after customizing my iphone so much it would have been a pain in the ass to restore it. Is there any after effects of putting this code in or can I just leave it there even with the updates.

u are the man!!

Evolve said...

Hey guys how do you connect via scp sftp? can i get detailed directions?

Tony said...

I have been looking all over for a fix for my friend's jailbreaked Iphone problem with Youtube and Yahoo mail. This fixed both! Thank you! This solution should be posted on other sites...

Angelo said...

This worked for me on 1.1.4! yay!

Denis E. Ambrose, Jr. said...

Gah, didn't work for me. Any other tips?

swapnaj said...

Thanx a loads!!!
Works like charm! It fixed 'cannot connet to youtube' problem and mail problem too (the one with 'usename or password is not correct')
I have 1.1.4 jailbroken unlocked 8gig using Ziphone 3.0

Herouy said...

I don't know if you realize it but what you have done here is pretty revolutionary. Tons of people are looking for this fix. Your efforts can not be thanked enough. But, there's one thing that I must point out to Windows users, I tried it about 4 times, realizing that I had to use wordpad to edit but I also changed the text font and structure to match the rest of the code. Then I saved it as text with the same extension. Only after that will it work for me. Nonetheless, it works so nicely now. Big ups to Tony you are da man for this one baby. Now back to Youtubeing!

faisi said...

actually i have a problem i am new to apple iphone just jailed break and and other settings and phone is working with other carrier, please can any one tell me how can i fix this uotube issue with pc boz i dont have mac....

Asher said...

Search Google for WinSCP, then download it. Then load it up and connect your ipod to your computer, go to your ipod and click on settings. Under wifi, click the arrow next to your wifi connection, then type in the ip address you see into winscp, along with the username, root, and the password, alpine. Click login and you will see whatever's on your ipod. Go to the directory mentioned and follow the directions.

Aldo said...

Thank you so much!
This worked....
My WinSCP wasn't working so I used iPhoneBrowser with Ibrick fix.

reema said...


I am a newbie at this but could still figure it out very easily...

My YouTube works now!!!

Thanks so much!! :)

LM said...

Yep! You are the man ... after trying all kinds of patches, fixes ... with no luck, your solution worked immediately, your are in fact Thee Man

jacerrillo said...

in the simplest of terms.


you're the freakin' MAN, man!

Jan Paricka said...

Worked! Many thanks.

fiddysheqel said...

Can someone HELP ME PLEASE!
When opening the plist file in "activation_records" folder, I'm on a Vista - How do I open that file?

Josh said...
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Josh said...

I had 2 .plist files in that directory and each one was only off by 1 number so I wasn't sure which one to change. So i changed the first one restarted the phone and it didnt work. So I changed that file back, restarted. Then repeated the previous steps for the second file. Again nothing. I then repeated the previous steps for both of them. And yet again nothing happened. Am I doing anything wrong?

Asher said...

Try downloading both files from your iPhone, then deleting both on your iPhone. Pick one of them and add the text where you are supposed to but this time change the format so that it matches the other text (remove indent, double space, etc.). Once you are sure you have the correct formatting, save the file, upload it and complete the steps. If it doesn't work, repeat with the other file. If that doesn't work you will probably have to restore your iPhone.

RG-6 said...

I thought this was going to be the solution that finally fixed my youtube problem.

No dice - it didn't work for me.

Ziphone 3.0 - 8gb iphone

I tried this several times.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Gabriel said...

Thanks a great great deal!!! So happy now. Youtube finally works again!!

fkab said...

You are the freaking man!!! Just for those who have no idea how to even start this process, for a windows based pc see this vid, then follow Tony's instructions

Jamie said...

This worked great for me. I think the few people who are having problems doing this fix are not doing something right. And, whoever said this guy's a god is right. Thanks Tony.

Anonymous said...

omg dude ure a genius. thanks man!

Praveen said...

Amazing Tony!! I have tried many fixes.But this one rocks!!. God bless you man.

Thomsen said...

doesnt work for the ipod touch :( (1.1.4 ziphone)

MaNN said...

I tried this and it still did not work!!! I need help as I am a newbie to this whole thing. I tried getting the Youtube fix from Tweaks 1.1.4 and that did not work either. Please if someone can help me directly, that would be great. My email address is

miles said...

My IPod only had the file pod_record.plist in activation files. So I downloaded it, modded it with notepad++(google it). Then I did the three files from and just in case, I went into the /library/lockdown/pair_records folder and found the newest file(it will be at the bottom). I did the same XML mod(rewriting the data tags under devicecertificate) to this file and bam! It worked perfectly. Good luck guys.

Senjen said...

thanks a grip. mine worked for a while and crapped the fcuk out. ur guide pwns!

manzil56 said...

doesnot work at all for iphone firmware 2.2.1 any ideas tony?
i know i have exactly did the same thing as u have told but it doesnt seem to be applicable in 2.2.1 2g iphone....
any other suggestions???

Jason Phillips said...

Update: Another Fix!!

Problem: like many of you this fix didnt help my situation (thanks for the authors efforts to help regardless)
I had my iphone jailbroken with blackrain running the OS 3.1.2 running 2G. I think this fix works for maybe for an older version or diffrent type of jailbroken iphone

Solution: There is fix via a cydia download which requires no ftp or file ediing check out the url below:

Nikhil said...

hey. trying to connect using Transmit.
Do you know what i have to type in for server?

Nikhil said...

hey. trying to connect using Transmit.
Do you know what i have to type in for server?

Nikhil said...

hey. trying to connect using Transmit.
Do you know what i have to type in for server?

Deepak said...

I followed the first three steps successfully without realizing that there is no files under /var/root/Library/Lockdown/activation_records. I dont see any files under this folder and now after restarting the device Iam not able to access the internet. Let me know if there is any out way I can undo the changes.

Note: I have used WINSCP to access the filesystem and I havent took the backup of those three files.

Thanks for reading my post and I appreciate all you help in getting my device up and running.