Friday, March 28, 2008

The application indesign has unexpectedly quit c3 running leopard

OK, so I haven't posted anything on my blog in a looooong time but this problem was so annoying and I couldn't find a fix anywhere. I got my girlfriend a new computer for her birthday and from day one Indesign CS3 wouldn't load, I kept getting "The application indesign unexpectedly quit". I went through all the recommendation of deleting the adobe indesign folder from the user library/preferences folder with no luck, checked for updates etc. I created a new user and indesign worked fine. Sure I could have had her log in with a new user account but she just customized her profile to her liking and I really wanted to figure it out without having to inconvenience her. I ended up fixing it by changing the permissions recursively on the indesign folder in applications. Easiest way to do it would be to highlight the folder and hold the apple key and push the letter i on your keyboard. This will bring up the information for that folder. In my case, the permissions were set correctly so I simply gave system and admin read/write permission and user read permission. I also made sure to click on the little gear under the permissions and apply it to enclosed items, this is the same as writing it recursively. Another way of doing this would be to launch the terminal and give the following command

sudo chmod -R 775 /Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ CS3