Thursday, December 28, 2006

Windows Vista. . . It's nice!

The RTM version of Windows Vista was released to business users about a month ago and I had high hopes. I've always liked exploring different operating systems, and in the past few years I've found at least a few things I've really liked in most. When I saw the first build of Vista, I knew that this OS would be huge. I write this post under Vista Business Edition running on my Mac and the look and feel of the OS is just as appealing as the hardware it's running on !(MacBook) Since the release of OS X, Macintosh had the eye candy that Windows lacked. Apple became more of a style than anything, and the Ipod was the perfect companion. It looks like Microsoft is finally catching up with their latest operating system. If your hardware supports it, Vista's Aero Glass gives your windows theme a transparent look,(shown in screen shot above) and the start menu has a sort of Gnome look to it. Many Mac fanatics will argue that Vista is a carbon copy of OS X. I do admit the argument can be made, but my rebuttal would be that Mac stole ideas from Xerox from the beginning. In my personal opinion, if every OS stole what's good in another, users like us win.

In a nutshell:
Vista looks and runs nice even if they stole from Apple. Let's hope they market it better then the Zune.
It will get bombarded with hack attempts to highlight any security holes hackers might find, but Windows users are used to the patch your OS everyday thing anyways.

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